My wedding planner?  Where do I even begin?  How do you attempt to describe how amazing she has been throughout the entire process.  Rebekah Covay has singlehandedly saved my sanity, my relationship and my bank account.  Her sense of humor, enthusiasm and excitement about my wedding has been constant.  Her calm demeanor, sensible laid back yet assertive attitude and ability to multi task EVERYTHING has been impressive to say the least.  I never understood the stress that planning a wedding (especially when it takes place in a different state!) can put on a couple until my fiancé and I started planning ours.  Rebekah has literally been our wedding planning guardian angel.  I can’t wait to write another review after all our hard work pays off and we get to enjoy our amazing day!

"Hiring Rebekah was easily the best investment we made.  My husband and I were able to relax and truly enjoy our day thanks to her help. I cannot begin to explain everything that Rebekah took care of and thought of to enhance our day. 

A true testament to her ability and professionalism is the fact that our wedding took place in downtown Chicago on the day that the Blackhawks Stanley Cup parade was taking place.  The festivities of this parade happened to be held across the street from the hotel our reception was going to be and where we were getting ready the morning of the wedding. As a result of the parade there were many road closures which in turn effected many pre-wedding events and our timeline of events.  However, you would never have known a parade was going on outside because Rebekah did an outstanding job ensuring that everything continued to run smoothly.  She spoke with all  the vendors to ensure they knew how to get there with the road closures.  

She made sure our parents were always where they needed to be, photographs we wanted to take got taken, everyone was always accounted for and where they needed to be.   She even thought to bring my favorite candy to make sure that throughout the day I was eating ! She blended so well with our group, all while making sure the day ran smoothly (which it did thanks to her!).  The peace of mind having her take care of everything was truly priceless.  We got to enjoy our entire wedding day care-free because of Rebekah.  We already have had family and friends that met her at our wedding ask us for her contact information as a result of seeing first hand just how great she was. We cannot recommend Rebekah enough!   She is not only a phenomenal wedding coordinator but such a sweet and great person.  We were so lucky to have her help us and be a part of our special day." -Kristen & Drew Korab, Chicago IL




"We just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my DEEPEST gratitude for all your help yesterday. I absolutely do not know what I would have done without you. I can't reflect on last night without getting a little teary eyed thinking about you and your help. The care and attention you gave every detail did not go unnoticed and that's what gets me emotional.

You made our wedding EXACTLY what we wanted it to be and I can't thank you enough for that. You kept a nervous bride calm (and a nervous maid of honor - thank you for whatever kind words you said to Megan), made wrong right, created a ceremony space take my breath away, and kept me, Aaron and our families happy, carefree and on cloud nine all night long." -Laura and Aaron May, Chicago IL







"We just want to say thank you again for everything.  I can't imagine planning my big day without you.  It was so perfect and so "Curt and Beth" which is everything we wanted.  I still am shocked the weather worked out and everything ran so smoothly thanks to Seamless Event.  Our mountaintop wedding was truly magical."                -Beth & Curt Cooper, Denver CO


"Where do I even begin... I truthfully don't think our wedding could have been done without you! From organizing decor to keeping Starbucks in my hand, you made every detail count (even made sure I smelled good day-of!)" -Rachel & Tim Robinson, Springfield MO



"Rebekah was fabulous! We had no stress the day of our wedding because Rebekah was there to take care of everything for us. She made sure all the plates for last minute guests were accounted for and conferred with the caterer, she got under my dress to sew my broken bustle my husband had stepped on so I didnt have to worry about carrying it while I danced, and she hand delivered our wedding gifts and reception extras to our home. Rebekah went above and beyond the call of duty.  She was able to provide us with a virtually stress free day so I could focus on our marriage and our new life together. We would recommend Rebekah to anyone planning a wedding."           - Matt & Alex Gohla, Downers Grove IL

Thanking Rebekah at Seamless Events for everything she does when it comes wedding coordination!  If it weren't for her, everyone would probably be eating McDonald's as wedding food and getting invites on printer paper!!

"Thanking Rebekah at Seamless Events for everything she does when it comes wedding coordination!  If it weren't for her, everyone would probably be eating McDonald's as wedding food and getting invites on printer paper!!"                      - Chad & Heather Marvin, Sycamore IL